"These are not normal people, and that's why it works so well." - Charlie Shafer, Fire in the Kitchen Concerts

Youth in a Roman Field wants you to stay home, wash your hands frequently, fill out your census, and vote. The genre-crossing band from singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Claire Wellin incorporates sounds of Appalachia, cayenne pepper, and ghosts. Originally out of Chicago, they are now based out of Queens, NY.

The band, which includes Tiffany Topol, Scott Stangland, Cassidy Stirtz, and Jamie Mohamdein, uses their collective training in
classical, jazz, and folk traditions to create an original, progressive sound
with sweeping, powerful vocals at the forefront.

The group's releases include 'Of Grit and Grace' (2012) 'Suits for Children' (2014) and 'Storm Conductor' (2018), which was produced with the Grammy-winning Stewart Lerman. In December 2019, they released the single 'If We Go' followed by the 'I Saw You' music video in January 2020. They are currently working on their third record after being 102% funded on Kickstarter.

“Idiosyncratically accessible artistry - an original presence loaded with potential.” - Jamie Lee Rake, Milwaukee Sheperd Express

"An extremely sophisticated adventure, Wellin’s voice is animated, emotive, and powerful, and sets well with the haunting and often cinematic quality to the sounds of strings, versatile percussion, and endless, graceful melody." - Tom Haugen, New Noise

“Energetic, melodic and fun indie folk pop? Maybe. Great band? Definitely.” - Big City Folk