Storm Conductor comes out everywhere April 20 and is now available for pre-order on bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

'I Saw You' premieres on Popdust


And 'Town Hall' premieres on Austin Town Hall!

"On their latest single, "Town Hall," Wellin and the band cavort through a landscape of jazzy basslines, sweeping strings and gentle melodies - then the 2-minute mark hits, and we're whisked off into a horn-filled folk stampede, filled with gorgeous harmonies and rumbling folk arrangements. The song turns from something quiet and measured to expressing a full-blown theatricality in the span of just a few seconds. The track swells and expands exponentially with each passing minute, a result of Wellin's nimble and ghostly rhythms growing in intensity until their emotional impact is almost overwhelming. "Town Hall" is dense but not over-burdened and wears its orchestral influences proudly and without reserve." Joshua Pickard, Notes Left of the Dial

"Claire Wellin engrosses with her delicate ebb and flow of strings and vocals before erupting into a spirited cascade of harmonies over a rich instrumental tapestry." -Digital High

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